When You Need To Be Talked Into It

I started working out, again.
Okay, so I haven’t actually started yet. Technically, I “started” by ordering a gym membership online from the comfort of my couch in some stretchy pants.
But, you guys, it’s not even New Years. That has to earn me bonus points.
Don’t worry, I have every intention of getting my butt to the gym.
Kind of. Eventually.
But everyone says summer bodies are built in the winter, and the triple digit temps are screaming- “That ship has sailed!” Plus, the thought of wrestling my undomesticated tribe into clothes, carseats, and the front doors of the gym sounds like workout enough for me.
Did I earn a donut yet?
Listen, I know the gym will be good for me so I should want to go. But it takes motivation to jump over the real-life obstacles of whiny children and busy schedules standing in my way. A lot of motivation.
So…why did I sign up for a gym membership if I don’t want to go?
-Spoiler Alert: Here’s where I talk myself into it.-
Because sometimes, your willpower has to do the work before the rest of you is ready. Even though every fiber of my being is saying, “No way lady! You’re perfectly happy being lazy…. Plus, there are a million reasons why you don’t really need to do this,” I am going to choose to ignore that voice.
History tells me that when I ignore my emotional resistance to the gym and force myself to go anyway, I won’t regret it.
My physical body isn’t the only thing that benefits from sixty minutes of glowing with sweat. My mental, emotional, and spiritual health come out glowing too.
 When I choose to regularly devote at least a portion of my time to exercise, I find myself with real energy and a more positive mindset. My sleep improves, which means my morning devotion time benefits, my patience for my kids grows, and my affection for my husband shifts a little closer towards that “before-kids” glow.
This means, it’s worth my time to get back at it.
I’m not saying I’ll give up my donut, because I believe in earthly fore-tastes of God’s sweet, coming kingdom.
But I am saying that committing to the gym when I don’t feel ready to, is something I know I won’t regret. And… it’s not even New Years!

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